Cryptocurrency tools are more alike to the tools of mutual funds, only that it is a new investment way. It is both a speculative commodity and an investment vehicle. Until just recently, not many people knew about cryptocurrencies. However, there has been explosive growth in the space in 2017. The launch of bitcoin futures contracts by several established exchanges finally gave cryptocurrencies mainstream credibility, opening up new asset classes to investors. Many people ask how to invest in cryptocurrencies and how to choose a cryptocurrency exchange. Here you will get the answers: Which exchanges and instruments you should pay attention to to keep your investment safe?

Cardax is Your Gateway to Cardano Ecosystem

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is exploding. It’s estimated that for every person who owns cryptocurrency, there are two who want in on the action. But it’s also not surprising that a lot of people find the crypto world a bit intimidating; it’s foreign, unstructured and filled with technical jargon. That’s where Cardax comes in!

Cardax is an exciting project that allows users to trade, fund, and access a new decentralized ecosystem. We’re revolutionizing the crypto trading experience by creating a decentralized exchange (DEX) that is completely independent. Cardax will allow anyone to buy, sell, and trade any asset on the Cardano network easily.

Using blockchain technology, Cardax is able to function as a trusted exchange whose primary focus is its community.

ADAX is the future of decentralized trading

Let’s talk about ADAX. ADAX is a decentralized protocol for the Cardano ecosystem that enables you to trade your ADA in a secure way. It’s not a centralized exchange but offers the same convenience, enhancing it by removing all the constraints that traditional trading platforms have like order book, control over your assets and censorship.

In other words, you can trade on ADAX with total control over your assets, having the freedom to place an order without anyone watching or interfering. Our users will enjoy an inclusive and fully peer-to-peer network that instantly matches orders without approval from any third-party or middleman. There is no longer a need to trust an external intermediary.

We give the power back to our users – the traders who create demand and supply. ADAX is a brand-new Initial Coin Offering that deserves your attention.

Blockchain Solutions for All with Emurgo

EMURGO is a multinational technology company providing enterprise-grade, flexible and scalable blockchain solutions for developers, startups, enterprises and governments. They are committed to the adoption of blockchain technology and have experience with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Quorum, Hyperledger Fabric and other blockchain technologies.

Emurgo develops blockchain and smart contracts solutions for organizations of all sizes. EMURGO is interested in the endless potential of blockchain technology and the transformative role it will play in the improvement of business practices and industry standards.

They collaborate with various entities, such as governments or utility companies, who have needs that blockchain can solve. They help them create a highly cost-effective solution for their business problems through blockchain.

Ergodex is a new approach to decentralized exchanges

Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are becoming more and more popular as the need for secure, fast and trustless exchanges is growing. There are many projects trying to build the perfect decentralized exchange. The developers took the best features from some of the most successful DEXs and put them into Ergodex.

They decided to make it into a platform for developers to build applications on top of Ergo and Cardano networks. Next to that, they made sure there is no need for you to trust them as DEX owners with your funds. Their eUTXO model guarantees that you are in full control of your assets at all times.

Ergodex could position itself as the first protocol that allows for liquidity between trading platforms, something that would affect the broader cryptocurrency industry beyond just cardano and ergo users. Ergodex team is working to become the most reliable and trustworthy decentralized exchange.

Yoroi is fast, lightweight and secure

Do you want to take control of all your cardano holdings and move this into a single secure wallet? Then look no further. Say hello to Yoroi, a lightweight web wallet for Cardano and Ergo. Yoroi is a simple, light-weight wallet that focuses on security, privacy and everything else you would expect from a lightweight wallet.

Yoroi has been thoroughly tested by world-class team of engineers, developers and security experts to ensure it is secure and reliable. It’s open-source, secure, easy to use and really fast! You can store your ADA on your desktop or mobile device without any need of additional hardware.

No one can access your funds in the wallet. We also don’t support analytics so we won’t track your activity on Yoroi. Yoroi Wallet is a Chrome extension. It works on any hardware that supports Google Chrome and extensions. This means that you can use Yoroi on Linux, Mac OS, Windows and other systems.

MeowSwap is the next level in cryptocurrency trading

MeowSwap is an exchange designed for fast and secure transactions with your own Cardano tokens. As with all MeowSwap DEX transactions, the new pools will use our ultra-fast and scalable L2 solution, taking transaction logic off-chain while maintaining Cardano’s unmatched security by never moving tradable assets beyond L1.

One of the biggest challenges in decentralized exchanges so far has been liquidity – or rather, providing enough incentives to encourage enough users to supply liquidity to a pool so that trading becomes feasible. This problem is solved by another feature in AMM-based DEX.

Automated market makers are a relatively new concept that has only been applied to decentralized finance (DeFi) in recent years. They work by eliminating the need to find a buyer or seller on an exchange to complete a trade. Instead, the user interacts directly with the “liquidity pool” – a pool consisting of two assets: one being traded (tradable asset) and one that users contribute to maintain liquidity (reserve asset).

MeowSwap can provide an increasing number of new opportunities for our partners in the coming months, allowing them to expand their use cases in exciting ways. We are sure that the possibilities are endless!

AdaSwap is Consumer-Facing Exchange

The next generation decentralized exchange based on Cardano! AdaSwap aims to be the first Cardano-based DEX! Their main goal is to develop tools for creators and users, as well as provide high-yield betting pools and NFT content through their launch panels and trading platforms.

AdaSwap’s mission is to create a thriving Cardano ecosystem that includes DEX and an ultra-fast market maker of gasless machines (AMM), and through this ecosystem introduce the next wave of crypto users to DeFi.

Each layer of their protocol has been carefully designed and implemented with security, efficiency and ease of use in mind. They strive to work with experienced developers from around the world to help them achieve this goal.

Ardana is A Universal Stablecoin Hub

The Ardana Platform is not only a Decentralized Exchange, it offers additional services and tools to grow and sustain Cardano as the leading blockchain platform. Using Stable-Coin Baskets, DeFi Tools, and Cardano Research Lab Contributions.

The current stable coin landscape comprises multiple protocols, collateral types, market mechanisms, governance models and custodial arrangements that are siloed from one another. This fragmented environment hinders the stable coin sector from reaching its full potential and creates limitations for adoption as a mainstream financial instrument.

Ardana’s mission is to become the leading DeFi product for Stablecoins on Cardano by creating an inclusive ecosystem of seamless user experience, enhanced security, robust stability mechanisms, and increased accessibility and adoption through various use cases.

Cryptocurrency is in your hands

Decentralized exchanges have many advantages over centralized ones, including more privacy and security. And since decentralized exchanges never have middlemen taking transactions fees, they can also give investors an added incentive to use them over centralized exchanges. Yet the Cardano blockchain really sets MeowSwap apart from its competitors by allowing users to create their own permanent trade-backed wallets within the platform. The most important thing is making the right choice for yourself. Make sure to read reviews, compare platforms and choose the one that meets your demands. Use technology and prosper in the world of cryptocurrency!